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The Magnificence of Colored Soil Carpets in Hormoz Island: Iran Wonders

When the winter settles in, most of the travelers forget about traveling to Iran, but the truth is that our vast country is a 4-season one and in the winter, there are some places where summer with savory weather still stands. The south of Iran, where wondrous places such as Kish island, Qeshm island, Hormoz and Hengam islands lie, offer a lot to visit for those who bound to this country only for skiing and no more. Colored Soil Carpets of Hormoz Island are one of the Iran marvels, and we highly suggest you to visit this island if you are bound to Iran at the end of fall or in the winter.

Iran Wonders

The colored soil carpet of Hormuz Island, the world’s largest soil carpet, is designed using the colorful soils of the island. Friday 25 February of 2017, an area of 1,600 square meters was unveiled using the colored soils of the island of Hormuz.

Iran Wonders

The fifth soil map of Hormuz Island titled “Damiah” using the colored soils of the island of Hormuz by environment artists of Hormozgan province.

From the local mythology and oral culture of Hormozgan people, it is believed that “Damiah” was the name of a huge fish that was used to come to save native people from hardships. To describe the mythological existence of these narratives, four elements (water, wind, dirt and fire) are used, these were the basis for the design of the fifth soil carpet of Hormuz.

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