hostel Isfahan

Hostel Isfahan

Nemoneh Hostel Isfahan purpose is not to be just a budget accommodation in Isfahan but to offer a cultural forum and most importantly a home for every tourist to Iran. This budget accommodation in Isfahan is led by the manager of Persian Hostel in Tehran and Pardisan Hostel in Yazd. Our prices are very cheap, and services include free breakfast, WiFi, rooms with desks, tables and TVs, beds all new, air-conditioning in the summer and heating system in the winter.

To Book hostel Isfahan, send an email to or call or text+989036272975 (Abolfazl Moahamadi).

The team of our hostel Isfahan has been working on a beautiful hangout area on the rooftop where every traveler can lay back, drink a cup of free tea, chat and share their experiences with other travelers. Our help desk is always there for you helping you buy Iranian Sim Card, book other hostels and hotel, plane, bus and train tickets online. The Reception of our hostel is open 24/7 and there is no curfew for those who might come after 12 am.

Alongside these services, the team of our hostel in Isfahan introduce Isfahan sights and offer various tours in Iran such as Isfahan day tour, desert tour in Isfahan and Kashan (Mesr Desert Tour, Maranjab desert tour), wondrous nomads tour, winter tour, classic tours to visit UNESCO SITES in Iran.

We also offer free day tours in Isfahan, but you have to book this day tour beforehand and the minimum of the number of people should be 5, those in the hostel willing to accompany us, in order to set off this tour in  Isfahan.

The prices of our rooms are as follows:

Single room with shared bathroom: 15 Euros

Double or twin room with shared bathroom: 20 Euros

Triple room with shared bathroom: 25 Euros

Four-bed room with shared bathroom: 30 Euros

Bed in dorm: 10 Euros

Single room with bathroom: 20 Euros

Double or twin room with bathroom: 30 Euros

Triple room with bathroom: 40 Euros

Four-bed room with bathroom: 40 Euros

5-bed room with bathroom: 45 Euros

6-bed room with bathroom: 50 Euros

hostel in Isfahan

hostel in Isfahan

hostel in Isfahan

Hostel in Isfahan

hostel in Isfahan